5 Reasons To Buy Handicrafts!

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

With the advent of internet a lot of things which seemed impossible in the past have now become possible. One such thing is the rise in popularity of handmade products made by talented artisans of the country. If you are still not able to make up your mind to buy handicrafts over mass produced machine made goods, let me give you five reasons which will tilt the scales in favor of handicrafts:

SUPERIOR QUALITY: Each handmade product is made with utmost consistency and professionalism. A subpar handicraft never sees the light of the day in the market since these artists are very conscious of their products and if the product does not come out as expected they themselves discard it.


Whenever you chose a handmade product over a machine made one you are putting money in the pockets of local artisans instead of the coffers of large industrialists or corporations. Each purchase you make encourages these talented artisans and helps the local community as well as the economy.


These goods are not made at a very large scale and only environment friendly techniques and products are used to make handicrafts. Even the paints and glaze that are used are lead free and completely safe.


Since these products are handmade and hand painted, no two products come off the same. Hence when you buy a handicraft you are the sole possessor of a unique product.


All these art forms are centuries old and are continuing in the same way in which they were started. Due to competition from large factories and industrialists these art forms are dying so when you buy a local handicraft you not only provide livelihood to a family but also help in keeping alive centuries old tradition.

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