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6.6 GB library (4.3 GB with Kontakt NCW compression) Bowed, Pizzicato, key-off/up/down, sympathetic resonance samples. Soundbank could be the starting point for your next project. The library features over 6 GB of Nyckelharpas bowed and played samples, all recorded with The Nyckelharpa. Nyckelharpas is a kind of cello that is used by Swedish folksingers as an additional wind instrument. Take your pick of lots of new free orchestral instruments. Take your pick of lots of new free instruments. Jan 27, 2020 New Kontakt Player instrument library – Big Kontakt 5 Instrument Pack Nyckelharpa by Soniccouture Download the free Big Kontakt 5 Instrument Pack Nyckelharpa by Soniccouture. This instrument pack comes with more than 50% of all Kontakt 5 Instruments! Soniccouture have created a library for the legendary Swedish instrument Nyckelharpa. The Nyckelharpa is a bowed, resonating string instrument used in Swedish folk music and traditional dance, and it also appears in a variety of folkloric musical genres. The library features over 20 years of Nyckelharpa samples, recorded with the legendary Nyckelharpa musician Gunnar Alm. FAST TUTORIAL HOW TO USE THE LIBRARY * It's great to work with the library in the main folder. * Import the instrument into Kontakt and select Nyckelharpa in the Instrument drop-down. * A folder will open containing all samples from the library. Use the 'Sample Info' feature to sort the library, or use the browse feature to find the sounds you need. * If your sound is using more than 5MB, it can be loaded with the Nyckelharpa library by clicking on the menu bar and selecting 'Nyckelharpa’. * You can also load the Nyckelharpa samples without importing into your project. * Load the instruments into the main folder of your instrument rack to get started. Nyckelharpa is the free Kontakt Player and Kontakt 4 Player instruments from Soniccouture. The Nyc






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